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What makes PodKeep so awesome?
Go to Support Your Favourite Pocasts

Support Your Favourite Pocasts

Podcasters using PodKeep to sell their content get the majority of the sale price. By using PodKeep, you’re supporting the podcasts you love.

Go to Keep your podcasts forever

Keep your podcasts forever

When you purchase a podcast through PodKeep you gain instant access to that file. But more than that, you can log back in at any time and re-download that file.

Go to No Digital rights management (DRM)

No Digital rights management (DRM)

We don’t believe in treating you like a criminal. None of our podcast files come with digital rights management.

Go to A Small dedicated team

A Small dedicated team

Automation is great. We love it. But sometimes the human touch is better. We are a bunch of people who love podcasts and work with those who use our service to improve what we offer.

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Designed by people who love podcasts

Podcasters are great. They produce amazing content for almost no return. They make us laugh, smile, cry and sometimes dance with happiness.

But until now there hasn't been a good way for podcasters to make money from what they do. Selling merchandise like t-shirts and mugs is fun, but doesn't generate lots of money (Well, it does for the sites selling it).

And digital download sites are mainly focussed on music. Providing free listens, individual track downloads and previews that aren't designed with podcasts in mind.

PodKeep provides podcasters with better. They get the majority of the sale price and a system that has been designed with them in mind.

  • Podcasters keep 85% of the Net income.

  • Change the look and feel to match your own brand.

  • Work with humans to improve our service.

  • You control your own pricing and discount codes

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Maybe you want to add your podcast to PodKeep or you are just a fan and want to say hell. Either way, get in touch.